Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SkyHouse featured on Lookiloos Blog

Desiree Northend and Julia Prodis Sulek, co-founders, image maker and storyteller respectively, produce a wonderful blog on regional real estate. By day with the San Jose Mercury, they live their passion in this well crafted web roll that features some of the more unusual real estate stories of our community. We were honored to be recently included in their zine - and commend their efforts - check out their work!

www.Skyhouse on Lookiloos

The Lookiloos Credo
We believe that every house has a story. We believe that our homes have the power to both reflect and define our identities. Living in a great space, whether big or small, can be not only inspiring, but life-transforming.

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Anonymous said...

Skyhouse is a FANTASTIC place to host a social gatherings or business meetings. We've held terrific events here. The Bay views cannot be beat!

-Susan D.