Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SkyHouse History

A few of you have been asking me about the history of this property - let me tell you what I know and as I gather more information I will post it here.

SkyHouse was original built as a "one-off" owner built property, completed in 1960, by an engineer and developer named Miles, who also built several properties the immediate area of upper Montclair. This was the "keeper", however, through the process, he ended up divorcing and his wife, Pat Miles, lived here for about 35 years until she moved to Oregon where she had bought a ranch. I understand from neighborhood folklore that it was the site of wild parties in the 60's and Pat was a "colorful" woman and great entertainer.

In this area, we are aware of one other home cantilevered in a similar manner, though less dramatic, owned by jazz great Dave Brubeck. That property is actually around the corner from us and was featured a while back by Marty in his CA Modern magazine

The house eventually passed to her son David who rented it out for several years, but never lived in it himself.

We are the second owners, and have been detailing and restoring the property for the past two years.

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